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Permanent and Temporary Driver’s License Reinstatement

Filing for bankruptcy can be a useful decision for people that have had certain privileges revoked on account of outstanding debts and financial obligations. In particular, a person may lose their driver’s license because of debts tied to court obligations. These debts can be related to an array of situations, which can include, but aren’t limited to, outstanding unpaid parking ticket fees and unpaid civil damages from personal injury claims. Though these infractions can cause people to lose driving privileges, if the debtor files for bankruptcy, they could have their drivers’ license temporarily or permanently reinstated.

Types of License Reinstatement through Bankruptcy

Not all debtors are eligible to have their license permanently or temporarily reinstated. Privileges granted are completely dependent on the specific situation of the debtor. The following list provides a general idea of the conditions under which privileges are or aren’t reinstated.

  • Reinstatement will not be approved for debtors who have lost their license due to excessive traffic violations or criminal convictions such as a DUI
  • Temporary reinstatement may be provided during bankruptcy for license loss on the grounds of non-dischargeable debts such as outstanding parking ticket debt. Driving privileges will be revoked again after bankruptcy proceedings conclude
  • Permanent reinstatement may be approved after the responsible debts, including owed personal injury damages, are discharged

In the case of Chapter 13 bankruptcy, temporary reinstatement could become permanent depending on the structure and fulfillment of a repayment plan.

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If you’re overwhelmed with your financial situation and have had privileges revoked as a result of your debts, you may benefit from legal assistance. Ryan J. Ruehle, Attorney at Law, LLC, has successfully helped Cincinnati people restructure their finances and pay back debts. Call his office today at 513-777-0880 to discuss your legal options.

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